Saturday, August 13, 2011

SUPER I Am 8 Bit Gallery Show in LA 8/11/11

This Thursday I went to an excellent Gallery show of the first I Am 8 Bit show since 2008.

The show is going on for the next few weeks on West Sunset in LA go HERE for more details if your in town and wanna check it out. It was frickin' excellent. Almost the entire show in pictures after the jump.

In the main gallery they had a bunch of Shells and Goombas from Super Mario brothers running around. As far as I could tell they were plush shells mounted on un-modified Roombas. I swear the red one was following me.

Additionally they were having a Glaga Tournament the winner of which would walk away with a custom Galaga cabinet. Everyone played on the actual cabinet which was hooked up to the projector. While I was there one of the players beat the current high score on the machine. I don't know if he was the ultimate winner but he got to level 17 and I've never been able to break past 12. In the video below you can see how excited everyone was. The line off to the right is the line for the Galaga machine itself.

Below is the bulk of the artwork that was there. Some pretty excellent stuff. I'll slowly be adding captions to the pictures so feel free to check back later for commentary. Click on the pictures below to see larger images.

Vincent Chen of Tek Support

These are based of Edward Gorey

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