Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Batmans Video Game Gloves

A few years ago I found this Glove at a thrift store

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 Weird right? No the fingers were not cut off, it cam like this. It does make it easier to type with though (I'm wearing it right now). So anyways, fast forward to this year, I'm farting around online and I stumble upon this image at

It's the same frickin' glove! Apparently its a "Video Game Glove". And not just any video game glove, but the same gloves Batman use when he plays Genesis (Batman only plays Genesis and Jaguar because they're black and have cool names). Sweet! So this means I need to try it and see if has any real value as a gaming helper.

Wow, Did you see how smooth my control is now! I tried playing Super Mario brothers and I beat the game so fast my Nintendo caught fire. Now I'm in litigation with DC comics over the fire. they refuse to pay for my collection of Speedball and Deaths Head comics (apparently they don't cover lost Marvel goods).

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