Saturday, February 19, 2011

If God had a PC this would be the case

     Well, assuming he/she/it uses a desktop (and yes, he/she/it does use a PC. probably runs Linux... well, his/hers/its own version of it at any rate) He/she/it would use this case (assuming he/she/it doesn't rack mount). Actually, he/she/it has been using this case for millennial, but only recently decided we were worthy of using it. Behold, The Thermaltake Level 10:
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     I've never been a Huge fan of Thermaltake, I once bought a case off some meth heads (they had obviously stole it off of some poor saps porch, but the address had been partially ripped so I couldn't seek the rightful owner) and It was somewhat lacking in design and... everything else. It was huge and had a door on the front (making it hard to access my three DVD drives) All the internal screws were either proprietary or plastic (seriously, WTF) and there was a butt ugly Thermaltake logo on the front that would light up (color LCD none the less) and blink (it took me all of 24 hours to unplug it and never power it up again. Needless to say, whoever got ripped off hopefully got reimbursed by UPS and invested in a less craptacular case.
     Now I know this case came  out a while ago, but the reason I'm bring it up now is Becasue they just came out with a "budget" version: The Level 10 GT (ok the name is lame):

(via engadget)

     I liked the look of the Level 10 better (sleeker), but I heard it had some odd issues, like costing $780 fucking bones. The Level 10 GT (name gets worse the 2nd time) fixes that issue and drops the price a few hundred bux to $280. I love the idea of externally removable hard drives (raid those bitches and hot swap em!) and isolating the various drives and power supply has got to be so much better for heat. Anyways, now you only need $280 to make me happy. Oh yeah, and Bonus video (adjustable ventilation flaps and cheesy production values say what?)

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