Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm not on Crack, But that guy was

     Way back in the Late 90s, when I lived in NYC I used to spend a lot of time on Saint Marks Place. For those of you who aren't familiar with this area it was the Punk Nexus of New York's 5 burros during the 80s and 90s. Me being a (not so) little punk at the time I was always there; attending Coney Island High concerts (a post for another time), stealing ugly shirts from "Freaks", drinking 40s on stoops, and doing generally regrettable things.
      Anyway, on a particular night after school me and a few of my more reputable friends were stumbling down Saint Marks Place with nothing specific in mind when we hear yelling. Not just any yelling, but that special type of yelling that is directed at you in particular. The kind that immediately evokes the fight for flight response. Myself and one of my companions immediately take the "I'm gonna fight you even though I will inevitably get my ass kicked" stance while companion #2 and my girlfriend at the time took the more traditional "duck and cover" position. Mind you this is all with no idea what has yet to come screaming up the block at us.
    So our supposed assailants come driving up the block in some malaise era car (something people in New your are not used to, who the hell drives in NYC?). Before I can register anything the people in the car yell "you look like your into punk you need to check this demo out its fucking awesome and you need to hear it now" or something along those lines. Immediately three demo tapes are flung at our heads, one of which is dead on target, bouncing off my cranium with that plasticy tape case sound. And off they went!

Read and watch some vids after the jump!

     The tape was a demo for a band called Mindless self Indulgence. The label was Uppity Cracker Records.

     That is a great label name and that is the only reason I even bothered listening to the album. I’m glad I did because I got to hear this song:

     Anyways, for years I loved this crap. At one point I got to see them play live. It was Jimmy Urine (the singer) birthday. He pissed on his cake and then ate it. Brilliant stuff.

     Fast forward to 2011. Mindless hasen’t been on my mind (ha ha) in years. I decide to check Jhonen Vasquez’s (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, Invader Zim, screaming monkey god) blog when I stumble upon this:

this sound familiar… where do I know this cacophonous crap from… it sounds like… MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE!!! Well, I’m Close, it’s the Left Rights, a side project of Mindless with Jimmy Urine (still best name ever) at the helm. I do a little more research and come up with this:

WHAT THE FUCK! This is so cool. What’s even more amazing is apparently it was only done my two people (basically) Mike Dahlquist and Pedro Flores. Wow. Its only January (shut up) and I already have a favorite Music video of the year.

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